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Uprated Double Sealed Fiesta ST180 1.6 EcoBoost Bosch Injectors Set - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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Uprated Fiesta ST180 1.6 EcoBoost Bosch Injector set - Bosch Injector Sets

  • Direct Drop in Injector to Suit all 1.6 DI EcoBoost Engines.
  • Full compatibility with all stock Ford and Volvo EcoBoost Motors.
  • Added 30% flow Rate.
  • Will fuel up to 420bhp on Stock fuel Pump (in good condition).
  • Will fuel over 460 bhp on our uprated fuel system
  • Perfect for the X-57R and RS Turbochargers

Pumaspeed have 2 types of Uprated Injectors available for the Ecoboost 1.6. The stock Bosch drop in type and these Custom Double Sealed versions.

As Tested on the Pumaspeed 500bhp Fiesta Below

The explanation below shows why we have had to make the change to the design so they can be used properly in the 1.6 ecoboost head.
The vertical line is for reference purposes
As you can see the middle uprated type injector has a seal that sits well back from the original Ford position and will not fully seal.
To fix this previously a collar that is not shown has had to be removed and the injector fitted lower down into the head, this is a basic fix and not good for longevity as we have found.

bosch fiesta st uprated injectors pumaspeed double seal line

This method of lowering the injector into the head is easy, you simply do not fit the lower collar that clips onto the injector. This allows the injector to sit 4mm lower and does allow the white Teflon seal to seal a little better but not fully.

The injector has now been lowered by approx 4-5mm so it follows that the nozzle would protrude into the combustion chamber which would subject it to much higher temps which isn’t good.

There is only one solution to stop the nozzle from seeing excessive temps and to make a perfect seal, the position of the seal on the injector body has to be changed.

What do we do ?
Pumaspeed have the injectors precision machined to accept two seals, we then fit some original Bosch Teflon seals, but not two slim white seals we fit two new thicker black seals to achieve a complete engineered they are doubly safe


Injector over heating
if you place an injector 4-5mm lower into the cylinder head it subjects it to extreme higher temperatures which also contributes to premature seal failure and can cause detonation problems

Furthermore, seating 4-5mm closer the piston DOES affect the quality of the spray pattern and the cooling ability.

GDI (GASOLINE DIRECT INJECTION) vehicles rely heavily on fuel to cool the piston.

Thus not only do seals fail, engine internals get hotter too

Double sealed is the way, correct height, flush, correct pattern, correct cooling and quality isn’t sacrificed.

You must move over the spacer collar from the bottom seat of the factory injector. 


bosch fiesta st uprated injectors pumaspeed double seal line



With the very best of everything what can the new X48R make ?
The graph below shows a progressive boosting map and a solid repeatable 358bhp with the New MaxD Injector map.

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