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R-Sport Pro 450 GEN2 Intercooler Fiesta ST180 - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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R-Sport Pro 450 GEN2 Intercooler Fiesta ST180 - R-Sport Pro Intercoolers

  • The ULTIMATE ST180 intercooler
  • Rated to over 450bhp
  • Fully flow engineered tapered end tanks
  • Super efficient stepped bar and plate core
  • 100% alloy construction
  • Easy direct fit to all OE pipework
  • 2 year unlimited mile warranty

Since 2013 Pumaspeed have been upgrading the Fiesta ST180, this Pro 450 intercooler was specifically designed back in 2019 for the sole purpose of providing the Fiesta ST180 owner seeking the ultimate intercooler solution. 

While the standard intercooler does it's job up to a point, it loses its effectiveness when pushed hard again and again. The R-Sport Fiesta ST180 Pro 450 intercooler will keep your charge temperatures down and keep your intake air as dense as possible. Not only does this improve performance, but also improves engine efficiency, allowing your engine to intake cooler compressed air.

R-Sport Pro 450 - The Ultimate Intercooler

The design team were asked to produce a cooler that would allow the new X58EVO2 turbos to be efficient to well over 400bhp.

The only way to run that sort of power from an intercooler in the available space is to increase the size of the core and use a stepped core design. The exisiting R-Sport GEN 2 Pro 400 unit already runs a full height 50mm core so the only way to go was to run a thicker stepped core. The internal dense fin structure combined with the largest core on market increases the cooling performance massively and in Pumaspeed datalog testing was unrivaled in performance

Why does my Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost need an Intercooler?

The standard Fiesta ST180 1.6 turbo intercooler, as we have proved in testing, tends to have a weak spot above 225-230 bhp on the car when wanting to push power hard from the very small turbo. Pushing the turbo to even stage 2 levels of power and torque creates more heat, to the point where the intercooler becomes ineffective at cooling the air travelling through it, the ECU will notice this increase in temperature and pull ignition timing and boost to keep the temperatures under control, unfortunately this means less power! 

Lower temperatures and a higher flow rate through the cooler are known to return that lost power, so the design team at Pumaspeed have added the best intercooler core into the air flow and created the very best cooler available.


As Tested on the Pumaspeed 500bhp Fiesta Below

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