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MINI Cooper S/JCW Cotton Panel Air Filter - MMR Performance

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The MINI Cooper F56 S/JCW Cotton Air Panel Filter By MMR Performance is here!!

The MINI Cooper F56 S/JCW Cotton Panel Air Filter by MMR Performance is one of the simplest yet effective mods you can add to your MINI. 

The Cotton Air Filter is a direct replacement for the standard air filter and is easily slotted in place. 

The Cotton Panel Air Filter drastically improves the breathing ability of your engine by preventing any unwanted substances from being sucked up by the intake system and deposited in the engine. 

The Air Filter effectively filters out any dust, sand, incests, or any other small substances through into your engine, protecting the longevity and health of the vehicle. 

**Available either Pre-Oiled or Dry. Choose between the two in the drop-down menu above**

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Tel: 01924 228042 | Email:

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