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VUDU Weighted Ford Gear Knob - Fiesta ST / Focus ST & RS

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Yet another new high-quality billet machined product from the masters of performance products.

The VUDU weighted gear knob designed to suit all of Fords current fitment types is balanced perfectly to ensure tight and accurate gear shifts.

Unlike other machined nylon gear knobs, our VUDU weighted gear know uses aerospace grade T6 aluminium to ensure the weight, look and performance is in line with our outstanding range of products.


  • T6 Billet machined aluminium
  • Deep laser etching
  • Perfectly balanced at 172 grams ensuring optimal shifts
  • Hard anthracite anodising
  • Removable insert allowing full customisation

This gear knob will fit all the Ford range including Fiesta st MK6/MK7/MK8, Focus ST and Focus RS MK2/MK3.

We have been testing this product on our in house demo Fiesta MK7 and MK8 along with our latest edition Focus ST250. We have been experimenting with weight to ensure silky smooth and efficient gear changing making you feel totally engaged with your performance car.

During testing, we found if the weight was too much the driver lost the feel of the gear gate and therefore lost some confidence in locating the correct gear.

Taking too much weight out of the gear knob left the changes feeling clunky and indirect after trying with several different weight variations we felt that 170 grams was optimal even though this is marginally lighter than the Fiesta ST MK8 OE part.

The VUDU weighted gear knob requires no mechanical background or tools for fitting and takes less than a couple of minutes and totally transforms the look and feel of your fast Ford.

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