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VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package - VW Polo GTI 1.8T

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VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package For The VW Polo GTI 1.8T

The VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package provides everything you need to transform your VW Polo GTI 1.8T from that every day hatchback to a fully Stage 2 supercar chasing monster!

You are now able to flash the VUDU Software from the comfort of your own home with the VUDU Tuning Tool available to purchase separately here!

The AET Motorsport VUDU Stage 2 Tuning Package has been specifically designed for the VW Polo GTI 1.8TSI engine, offering you a superb opportunity to make the jump from a standard model to a fully modified stage 2 monster. Our very own VUDU remap software is in high demand and our expansion into the VW Polo tuning market is proving to be a popular one with the huge power gains proving to be a mouthwatering selling point among tuning enthusiasts around the country.

Not only has our VUDU Stage 2 Tuning Package been developed in house on our in house hub dyno but it has also been heavily road tested to provide you with that much needed peace of mind that your own VW Polo GTI will operate and perform perfectly and to the best of the tuning software's ability.

VUDU STAGE 2 FIGURES: 265 - 270 BHP | 310 - 320 FT/LB

Please note: figures as on all ECU remaps will differ due to the hardware that is already fitted to the car. This means that some VW Polo models will reach higher figures than others due to additional support modifications fitted.

The VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software has been specifically designed to run on 99 Octane fuel. Vehicles not running 99 Octane Fuel will not see the high gains quoted above.

Stage 2 Tuning Package Contents:

Racingline Intake System:

The Racingline Intake System is an essential cooling upgrade to provide your VW Polo GTI with a far superior breathing system, allowing the vehicle to cool efficiently without occurring any temperatures problems. During testing, we found the Racingline Intake gave us the greatest possible power and airflow results when flashed with our VUDU remap software. 

AIRTEC Intercooler:

Proven on both the road and the track, the VW Polo AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade is built to the highest possible standard by cooling specialists, AIRTEC Motorsport. Please drop a note in the comments section to let us know the intercooler finish and AIRTEC coloured logo you require. This intercooler is available in a natural silver or pro-series black finish with various logo colour options.

Scorpion Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust:

Scorpion Exhausts are widely regarded as one of the finest exhaust upgrades on today's VW Polo exhaust market after becoming increasingly popular with many tuning enthusiasts across the UK. Enhancing the looks, sound and general driving performance of your vehicle, power gains of 5-10% can be expected with the Scorpion exhaust fitted 

Scorpion Downpipe:

The final component required in our Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package is a downpipe, please select whether you require a Sports Cat or Decat from the drop down menu. The Sports Cat Downpipe option increase the gas flow whilst maintaining the filtration rates, the Decat Downpipe option on the other hand simply replaces the catalyst altogether to provide you with the ultimate flow rate.

Please note the Sports Cat option will have no problem passing a UK MOT emissions test or police road side check, this is the option to go for if you require some peace of mind on the road.

Require a Fitting?

Please contact a member of the team at AET Motorsport for any further information you require regarding the VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package for your VW Polo GTI 1.8T model. 

Take a look at our Remapping FAQ blog HERE!

Select the fitting option from the drop down menu if you require the hardware fitting to your vehicle. Your VW Polo GTI will be in the safest of hands at AET Motorsport with our very own team of expert technicians boasting a vast amount of experience working on the various VW Polo models at our state of the art workshop facility in West Yorkshire.

Package includes ECU Remap + Before and After Dyno Testing.

Finance Options Available:

Finance options are available from as little as £5.76 per month! To apply for finance please select the Apply For Finance option when checking out the Ultimate Stage 2 Tuning Package.

Call or Email to discuss: 
T: 01924 228042  |  E:

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