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Turbosmart WG38 Ultra-Gate38 External Wastegate

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The Turbosmart Ultra-Gate38 is a 38mm external wastegate for street and racing applications, specifically for classic 2 bolt flanges (71mm spacing).

Designed with minimum size and maximum flow in mind, the new Ultra-Gate38 is smaller and lighter than previous models & features Turbosmart's unique locking collar design for quick and easy spring changes (3psi - 26psi option available). Features a one-piece Stainless Steel Valve for maximum reliability and our proven Silicon Nomex Diaphragm.

BLUE: Ultra-Gate38 14 PSI TS-0501-1140
BLACK: Ultra-Gate38 14 PSI TS-0501-1141
BLUE: Ultra-Gate38 7 PSI TS-0501-1101
BLACK: Ultra-Gate38 7 PSI TS-TS-0501-1102

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