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Fiesta ST MK8 GPF Delete Pipe Non Res/Resonated Kit - VUDU

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The Fiesta ST MK8 GPF Delete Pipe by VUDU is here!!

Introducing the outstanding Fiesta ST MK8 GPF Delete Pipe to the expanding VUDU Products range. The Fiesta ST GPF Delete pipe is available Resonated or Non-resonated. If every time you start your engine you want to feel like you're in a race car then this is what you need!

Removing the GPF from your exhaust allows for an increase in performance as well as a sportier sounding exhaust. The resonated option provides a subtle increase whereas the non-resonated pipe has the purest, loudest sounding exhaust.
Our team of designers has designed a V-band connection that allows for a straight fit onto the downpipe side of your fiesta without the need of an extra bolt on piece.

This PPF Delete pipe is specifically designed to work with all levels of tuning from any of the tuning brands available for remaps on the fiesta st mk8 today.

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