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MAXD Flash Programmer - Fiesta ST180 Stage 4R - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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Turbo Spec

MAXD Tuning Box with X-57 / X58Evo2 turbo maps - MAXD OTS Flash Programmers

  • Tune your ST180 Fiesta anywhere in the World
  • Simple Plug and Play Custom tuning procedure.
  • Uses any Windows XP or 7/8/10 based PC
  • Delivers up to 450 bhp with suitable hardware modifications
  • Custom Tune files available on request
  • De Cat enabled (No MIL Light)
  • Crackle and non crackle maps available.

The MAXD Out Stage 4 X-57 tuning device will allow you to flash program any of the maps required to tune the X-57, X-57RS or the 400 plus bhp X58EVO2 turbocharger. Wioth the use of any windows based laptop this very simple process give true and accurate power results everytime.  

Depending on the Fuel and Hardware fitted to the 1.6 Ecoboost engine the motor shoudl hit the following numbers.
The X57 will hit 360bhp
The X57RS with hit 375bhp
The X57RS-EVO2 ( Larger Exhaust Housing ) will hit 385-395bhp
The X58-EVO2 (Larger Exhaust Housing and Larger Compressor and Larger Exhaust Turbine ) will hit 400-420 

The below graph is from a 2017 Fiesta ST180 with the following Parts fitted.

  • Stock Ford OE Engine 38000 miles
  • Pumaspeed X58Evo2 Turbo
  • Maxdout X58Evo2 Remapping  ( Progressive Mid boost profile from 1.55 bar @ 3000 to 1.7 bar @ 7300)
  • Pumaspeed Ported Manifold
  • Pumaspeed Vulcan Catback Exhaust
  • R-Sport 3 inch Decat pipe
  • R-Sport Pro 450 Intercooler
  • R-sport Large Bore Big Boost Pipe Kit
  • R-sport Cross Over Pipe
  • Pumaspeed Double Sealed Injectors
  • Mountune Air Box
  • Pumaspeed Silicone Inlet Pipe

Please remember this car was only running a mild  progressive boost file and as it had a stock engine, we didnt want to push it past 7400 revs and endanger the customers engine. If this engine was forged and or pushed to beyond 7500 revs and boosted to 1.85-1.9 bar it would make over 400 bhp without issue.


Stock Engine only reving to 7350 on 1.7 bar boost


The X-57 Series of Turbochargers has been designed from the ground up with a no expense spared attitude. They feature the very latest spec motorsport internals and state of the art 7 blade CNC Compressor wheels. The turbo housings and internals have all been designed and cast in the UK. They have been testing on road and track since 2018 and have easily proven themselves durable and with out compromise on power and response.

MAXD originally developed crackle mapping for VAG applications and has proved very popular over the last 5 years with Golf GTI and S3 owners. MAXD has engineered these "crackle" maps very differently from previous ones you may have seen running on Renault Clio's and Megane 225's. Instead of adding extra fuel in like the rudimentary Renault maps, the MAXD ST180 crackle map uses very specific ignition settings and uses the fuel already in the combustion chamber. Furthermore, to prevent the map from popping and banging non-stop, it has been engineered to make the crackling sound between a specific midrange rpm. This enables you to drive through town normally without attracting unwanted attention and giving you control of when the car crackles.


The Mapping device - FAQ's:

 Can the box be used to turn my vehicle back to the original Stock file at any time?

Yes, the box allows you to store the original file and then allow you to install your stock mapping any time you need.

What happens to my stock mapping?

This will be read and will be saved on the Laptop.

What if my car is already mapped?

Your ECU will be read by the software and this will be treated as the stock mapping for your car.

Is the software easy DIY install on and off the car?

Yes the custom software is very simple to use and runs on any Windows Laptop.

 Can I upgrade the maps to a higher level?

Yes the benefit of the system is that MAXD can easily send you upgraded files from the above list.

Can MAXD write a custom file to suit my list of mods?

 Yes the in house calibration specialists at MAXD can tailor a mapping to suit you and your driving style. Whilst MAXD research and development does run through most case scenarios, there will always be the requirement for that one off special.

Can i use the device on more than one vehicle?

 No the MAXD device locks itself you your vehicles VIN number and cannot be used on another vehicle without a full reset.

Can I use different Fuels?

MAXD maps are available for 95 RON, 98RON and 102RON high quality fuel. We will make them freely available but warn that running the wrong fuel to mapping combination can be dangerous

Does the Mapping affect the immobilser?

MAXD maps will not affect the vehicle immobiliser in any way.

Can I download a stock map?

 If your car has already been mapped elsewhere and you want to return it to standard, we can provide a standard tune.


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